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i7 3940xm

Daily cpu #389

Intel Core i7 3940xm

Here are some things about it:

Eins rating: 9/10

Andres rating: 8.6/10

[Eins special edition CPU] Is not a recommended CPU for the Sandy and Ivy Bridge 14" ThinkPads, but I do recommend it for both the T530 or W530, and the T520 or W520 after a Coreboot/Libreboot. Unless you are running at stock (in which case why even purchase this chip over something like the 3840QM?), you will throttle after 4.0GHz under load. In the 15 inch ThinkPads, however, a thermally stable 4.6GHz all cores has been reported, and this CPU is highly recommended in them. Also, it's completely unlocked for overclocking.

This Daily CPU was made by Eins

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